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This application requires atleast python3.6 to run.

To install all requirements, please run

pip install -r requirements.txt

A few environment variables should be set for proper functionality

BOT_API_KEY - Telegram Bot API Key

GROUP_ID - Telegram Group ID


FROM_EMAIL - Email address SendGrid should use as sender

DATABASE_URL - URL to database including credentials - set by default in heroku

USERNAME - Username to access the /users endpoint

PASSWORD - Password to access the /users endpoint

To test locally if everything is deployed on heroku

heroku config -a thescriptgroup --shell > .env
heroku local

heroku local loads a .env file by default. If you do not have access to the project (as external contributors wouldn’t), you can simply manually fill in the values in a simple key=value format.

To export everything in .env to your environment, you can simply run

for f in $(awk -F'=' '{print $1}' .env); do export $f; done

There are various ways to run the application

  • With gunicorn
gunicorn tsg_registration:app
  • Directly running the module
python3 -m tsg_registration